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Quote from Jeremiah 30:17 


Adrian Rose has always had a passion for music. His best friend, taught him to play guitar when only 8 years old and a few years later they formed a band together with his brother Chris Rose in which Adrian played bass guitar and sang backing vocals. As the band became more successful Adrian started to become unwell with the debilitating condition M.E./Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and was eventually forced to stand down. His friend and brother, along with a new bassist, went on to sign a major recording contract with EMI records. Read more about Adrian's musical past >>>


Meanwhile Adrian's health continued to worsen, resulting in him becoming severely disabled with M.E. for 8 long years. During these desperate years he became a Christian and his faith deepened as he leaned on God, trusting that he would recover. In 2003 his faith and patience were miraculously rewarded as God enabled him to literally get up and walk away from a situation which had held him captive for years. Adrian wrote a book about his illness and recovery called Love Never Fails which was published in 2005. Read Adrian's account of how God healed him >>>


Once back in the real world, Adrian began attending his local Church (Linton Free Church nr Cambridge) and was soon using his passion and gifting for music to lead others in worship. Adrian became an elder of the Church and was also employed as a youth worker and worship leader for many years with a particular emphasis on encouraging and nurturing young people into leading worship.

Adrian and his wife Louise

Adrian and his wife Louise

Combining two of his passions, the healing ministry and leading worship, Adrian organised large healing services, for 5 exciting years, where he led worship for well-known speakers such as Bishop David Pytches, Roger & Faith Forster, David Hathaway, Jennifer Rees Larcombe, Mike Endicott, Julie Sheldon, Jeannie Morgan and Colin Urquhart.


During his work as a worship leader, Adrian had a passion to write his own music but found it difficult to find the necessary time and space. All this changed however when he and his wife Louise felt called to move on from their work in Linton. They left everything to wait on God for the next step and during this time of waiting, in early 2012, Adrian began to write worship music. He also formed a new songwriting partnership with published lyricist Phil Thomson which has been very fruitful. Read more about Adrian's current music projects >>>

Phil Thomson and Adrian Rose

Adrian and songwriting partner Phil Thomson