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Quotes About Love Never Fails

"Love Never Fails by Adrian Rose spells hope for an ME/CFS sufferer, not with the words spoken by a doctor but in Rose's own inner strength and faith. Rose reveals the secrets of hope and his struggles with finding it in the dark days of life with M.E. Looking at the world through his eyes will strike a chord with every M.E. sufferer, man or woman."

Chronic Fatigue Alliance, New York, USA

"Adrian's battle was touching and poignant. I could identify with many of his symptoms and felt his anguish and pain. I would recommend Love Never Fails to all."

L. Sanderson, The National CFIDS Foundation, USA


"I think your book is just fantastic. I just pray that others with ME will read it and be encouraged."

L. Tatham


"Thank you so much for your very interesting book, it's too fascinating to put down."

M. Roper, Norwich


"I am sure that there are many people moving through M.E., or their families who are supporting them, who will find help, comfort and strength from your writings."

Silent Unity School of Christianity, Berkshire


"Well, having finished your book, I hardly know what to say. It is difficult to believe that you could go through all that and come out the other side in one piece. I was shocked at the severity of your illness. As I read through your book, what came across strongly was your refusal to give up, it takes a very strong character to do that and I admire you for it. I am sure that your book will be a great help to other sufferers and give them hope of recovery from such a cruel illness."

P. Barton, Cambridge


"Your testimony is very encouraging and amazing to read."

C. Line, Birmingham


"I thank God for pulling you out of a very long, dark tunnel and back into the light. I am sure you and your story will be an inspiration to many people."

Francesca, Cambridge


"After only reading 3 pages I was crying with hope because you have put into words what I am like at the moment..."

S. Swanson, Scotland


"I am reading Adrian's book with pleasure and spiritual challenge. It's a wonderful story of God's love."

S. Evans, Cambridge - retired URC Minister



"We have added your wonderful book to our Recommended Reading List."

Chronic Fatigue Alliance, New York, USA



"Just to say thankyou for writing Love Never Fails, it's a very encouraging read. I look forward to hearing more of your ministry as it develops."

A. McBride, Leicester


"I am positive the book will be of great help to other sufferers and their carers."

L. Guy, Cambridge


"Thank you for writing Love Never Fails! I relate to all that you have been through...Your book has renewed my interest in the Holy Spirit and I have become hopeful again. I was amazed when I found that, when I read your book I started to feel better, calmer, more at peace within myself and for the past few days less malaise and fatigue. I now pray several times a day... Love Never Fails is so well written and so easy to read."

C. Foster, Hertfordshire


"I read your book in 3 days! It is excellent!...All the things in the book were so helpful and you have written the chapter on conventional and alternative medicines very sensitively. I am sure God is going to use the book in a mighty way."

V. Lee, Brentwood, Essex


"The more people understand this illness, the more help will become available. Well done!"

S. Amos, Essex



"I found I could not put the book down. You have written a compelling account of what you had to deal with. I was moved by your graphic accounts of your symptoms. I had no idea M.E. caused so much pain and anguish."

N. Lindsell, Warwick


"I've just finished reading yor book, "Love Never Fails" - it was one of the most inspiring books I've read for a very, very long time. At times it was gut-wrenching, more than once I was moved to tears. As I read the final chapters, of not only the amazing recovery the Lord graciously gave you but of your immensely strong faith in Him, my spirits soared: Praise God! I fervently hope, and strongly believe that the Lord will use you mightily in the future as part of His purpose to bring healing and salvation to many people.

M. Walker, Hertfordshire



"I just want to say how fantastic I think your book is! It is so inspiring and encouraging and I found that I could relate to you story so much and all that you have been through. I just couldn't put the book down and have somehow managed to finish it in under a week! Thank you so much for putting your story down on paper - I am sure it will help a lot of people."

K. Wagstaffe, Sheffield


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