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21 Apr 2008

I currently have a limited amount of copies of my book "Love Never Fails" that I'm able to sell for the hugely discounted price of only £1 per copy (+£1 p+p inside UK or £2 p+p outside of UK). Love Never Fails would cost you £6.99 if bought from a bookshop so if you're interested in my story in full, now would be a good time to grab a copy.


15 Apr 2008

Following on from a hugely successful HOPE 2008 healing service in March with Colin Urquhart speaking and ministering, we have our next healing meeting in Linton lined up for the evening of Friday 25th April. The service will be held at Linton Free Church (URC), Horn lane, Linton. Doors will open at 7:30, service starts at 8:00. Our speaker for this occassion will be Rev Derek Newton. Derek is a retired URC minister with over 50 years experience in Christian ministry. He ran a thriving Church in Canterbury for many years and has much wisdom and experience to share. Admission to all healing services is completely free, as are all refreshments and all are more than welcome to attend.

Many, many thanks to all who attended the Colin Urquhart healing service in the village college hall in Linton back in March (over 220 attended), it was a great evening of worship, teaching and prayer.


7 Mar 2008

Our next healing service in Linton is being held as a special HOPE 2008 event. This particular service will be held in the Linton Village College Hall (CB21 4JB) on the evening of Friday 28th March '08. Our speaker for this service is Rev Colin Urquhart. Colin is the director of Kingdom Faith Ministries. He has an international teaching ministry and is a much loved Christian leader. He is the author of several very well known books including My Dear Son, My Dear Child, Anything You Ask and The Truth That Sets You Free.

Doors will open at 7:30 p.m. and the service will start at 8:00 p.m. All are more than welcome, admission is completely free, refreshments are completely free and there will be a Christian book/CD stall on the night. Please do come along if you're able to and support us in these ongoing healing services in Linton.


20 Feb 2008

We have another healing service in Linton on the evening of Friday 29th Feb '08 at Linton Free Church (URC), Horn lane, Linton. Speaking and ministering at this particular service will be Rev Randolph Vickers. Randolph is co founder of the Northumbrian Centre of Prayer for Christian Healing. He is an internationally respected conference speaker and published author with years of experience in the Christian healing ministry. Doors will open at 7:30 p.m., service starts at 8:00 p.m. All are more than welcome, admission is completely free, refreshments are free and we always have a Christian book/CD stall. I will be leading the worship. COME AND EXPERIENCE THE POWER OF PRAYER.


2 Feb 2008

Love Never Fails (the story of my journey through long-term sickness into a miraculous Christian healing experience) is currently on offer when bought through this website. The paperback version and the audio version are both currently available for only £5 inc p&p (to UK) £6 inc p+p (outside of UK). The usual cost is £7.99 inc p+p (UK) and £8.99 inc p+p (outside UK). Prices will be reviewed again at Easter so grab a copy, through my online shop, while it's going cheap. It's a challenging read but it could change your life!


Adrian's prayer ministry
16 Jan 2008

Please do remember me in your prayers on Tuesday 22nd January, as I'm travelling by train, first to Leicester and then on to Nuneaton, to pray with two different M.E. sufferers who are both seeking God's healing. It's going to be a busy day but I firmly believe that God calls me to do this and I'm not going to argue with Him. Pray for healing miracles to take place through the prayers and that both of the people concerned would know freedom from this intensely frustrating condition.

Many, Many thanks to those who do regularly support me, prayerfully, in my work.


Next Healing Service in Linton
16 Jan 2008


Our next healing service in Linton will be held at Linton Free Church (URC), Horn lane Linton, on Friday 25th January, doors open 7:30 p.m. service starts at 8:00.

Our speaker for the first service of 2008 is Rev Mike Endicott from the Well Centre in Wales (a place of prayer and support for those seeking Christian healing). Mike is a published author and an international conference speaker who has seen many miraculous answers to his prayers during his many years in healing ministry though he himself is blind and has been for many years (God works in mysterious ways!)

All are very welcome to attend and there is no charge. Refreshments are always free and we always have a Christian book/CD stall at every service. Please, please do come along and support these evening if you are able to as God has really been working through them and it's a great opportunity to receive some powerful teaching and prayer.

Here's two more up and coming Linton healing service dates for you:

Fri 29th Feb - speaker, Rev Randolph Vickers (another published author and international conference speaker, Randolph is the founder of the Northumbrian centre of prayer for Christian healing).

Fri 28th March - speaker, Colin Urquhart (we feel particularly blessed to have Colin coming to speak and minister, it should be a great night).


23 - 24th Nov - Healing Service & A Night of Colour.
19 Nov 2007

We have our last healing service of 2007 in Linton on Friday 23rd November at Linton Free Church (URC), Horn Lane, Linton Cambs. Our guest speaker is the Rev Daniel Cozens. Daniel is one of the most well known evangelists in the UK. He heads up a ministry called Through Faith Missions who are responsible for the walk of 1000 men evangelistic movement. Doors open for the service at 7:30 p.m. and the service starts at 8:00. All are very, very welcome and admission is completely free. COME AND EXPERIENCE THE POWER OF PRAYER!

 Daniel Will also be in Linton again on the evening of Saturday 24th Nov (This time at Linton Village Hall, Coles Lane, Linton). On this occasion He will be displaying some of his many beautiful oil paintings which he uses to illustrate the story of his life and his faith. I attended a local mens breakfast where Daniel did this a few years back and it was a very powerful and enjoyable time, I would highly recommend people to come along to this event in Linton and bring their friends. Doors open and refreshments are served at 7:30 p.m., Daniel will speak at 8:00. Daniel has a particular passion and gifting for reaching out to non Christians with the Gospel message of hope and Salvation (he's very, very good at it!)


2 Nov 2007

I recently received another great encouragement and wanted to share it on the blog with all who are interested (see below).

"Jesus is the same, yesterday, today and forever". (Hebrews 13:8)

Nicola's recovery from M.E

Many people have kindly been praying for me through the time of my illness. I've been poorly for many years, but I'm glad to say that time is over.

I suffered with M.E/CFS in the very severe stages and had been poorly for the majority of my life and then bedbound up until 24 years of age.

This is an account of how I recovered. I'd become a Christian at the age of about 18, so I had a faith in God. I believe His Word brought healing into my life.

"He was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed." (Isaiah 53:5)  

In 2004, I was so poorly and living at home, the medical profession wasn't helping much and I wasn't recovering by natural means. I was having my worst year in fact. but our faith held us together and made us strong and we had faith in God's Word. My mum would go to Christian events for me and bring me prayer cloths and receive prayer on my behalf while I was too poorly to open my eyes or speak or sit up or feed myself.


I had been in contact with a man called Adrian Rose, I read his book called "Love Never Fails", as a great example of recovery from M.E. and God's faithfulness. Adrian's testimony really stuck with me. We were also then recommended a book called 'Healing the sick' by T.L.Osborn, which I found extraordinarily good because of the helpful scriptures. My mum and I continued to read this book which gave us faith in Jesus and I believe this faith brought healing to my life.  


I managed to attend a T.L.Osborn event near me by going in faith. I felt God was going to heal me and from that day onwards my health surely and slowly climbed. That was in August 2006. God then began a process of even greater healing, strengthening me every day. Then came a point when I became more powerless in myself and started hearing God's Spirit more clearly. He led me through a process of inner healing using "Breaking Free" by Beth Moore. I thank God for the journey He's taken me through.


28 Oct 2007

We had another great healing meeting in Linton on Friday 26th Oct. Matt Frost from City Gates Church in Soho was a great speaker and many people went forward for prayer at the end of the service (thanks Matt!) Again, good numbers attended the healing service which is greatly encouraging.

To wrap up this years healing services we have, On Friday 23rd Nov '07, the Rev Daniel Cozens coming as guest speaker (a brilliant evangelist, it'll be a great night!)

I'm already filling the gaps for speakers for next years services and we have some big names. On Friday Jan 25th '08 we have the Rev Mike Endicott coming from the Well Centre in Wales (Mike is himself blind but that hasn't stopped God doing amazing things through his healing ministry for many years now!) On Friday Feb 29th we have the Rev Randolph Vickers coming to speak from the Northumbrian Centre of Prayer for Christian healing. On Friday 28th March we are greatly blessed to have Colin Urquhart coming to speak and minister. On 25th April we have the Rev Derek Newton (a wealth of wisdom on all aspects of Christian ministry) and on 27th June we have Jennifer Rees Larcombe as our guest speaker. I'm delighted at the way the services are coming together, God is really blessing us with well known international conference speakers and published authors (it's amazing!) Please, please do feel free to come along and see for yourself what God is doing in our services (all are very welcome). Doors open at 7:30 p.m. and services start at 8:00 (admission is always free). I'll keep you posted as we fill the remaining dates for next year. For more details of venues etc contact me through my contact page.



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