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Linton Healing Service - FRI 26th OCTOBER '07
17 Oct 2007

We have another healing service in Linton on Friday 26th October at Linton Free Church (URC), Horn Lane, Linton (Cambridgeshire). Our guest speaker for this service is Matt Frost from City Gates Church, Soho. Matt has over 15 years experience in Christian healing Ministry and a wealth of wisdom to share as a result. Doors open at 7:30 p.m., service starts at 8:00. Prayer is always offered at the end of each service and many people have been greatly blessed, helped and healed as a result of it since the healing services beginnings a year ago. Admission to the services is always free and all are very, very welcome to attend. Please do come and support us in this work.


New Raining God worship songs on the way
3 Jul 2013

Coming soon - 5 brand new worship songs which will be available through the Raining God website. Phil Thomson and I are continuing to write and produce new worship music together, most of which has a "modern hymn" feel to it. Lyric and Chord sheets for all of the songs are available through the Raining God website to download for free.


LINTON HEALING SERVICE, Friday 28th September.
26 Sep 2007

We are having another healing service in Linton on Friday 28th September at St. Mary the Virgin Anglican Church, Church lane, Linton. Doors open at 7:30 p.m., service starts at 8:00. I will be leading the worship and Mark Mills-Powell (the vicar for St. Mary's) will be our speaker. Refreshments will be available and, as usual, we will have a Christian book and CD stall in the Church. Admission is completely free and all are more than welcome to attend. Attending a Church healing service was a big part of my own recovery from years of severe M.E. so I would strongly encourage anyone to come along to one of these events.


Brand new book release from Glory to Glory Publications
12 Sep 2007

My Grace is Sufficient by Linda Palmer has recently been released through Glory to Glory Publications (I'd highly recommend it!). Like myself, Linda has a longing to encourage others who are suffering from any type of debilitating illness, who do not know who to turn to and are tempted to give up hope. The quote on the back of the book reads as follows: "I was taken to the depths of despair, and many times I was tempted to give up. With very little hope of full recovery, it seemed to me that I had two choices. I could either look at myself as a statistic, with little hope of recovery, or I could try to discover what had caused my illness and what was stopping me from recovering. At my lowest point, I cried out to God for help. Nothing could have prepared me for the amazing way in which he would intervene in my situation . . . . " You can find out more about Linda and "My Grace is Sufficient" at the following website


SEPTEMBER 15th Testimony evening!
12 Sep 2007

I will be giving my testimony at Haverhill Methodist Church (Camps road Haverhill, Suffolk) on Saturday 15th Sept at 7:30 p.m. (I promise I won't talk for too long!)



"I gotta tell somebody, gotta tell somebody, what Jesus did for me!"
12 Sep 2007

On Sept 1st, I travelled to Cranbrook in Kent again (the same place I'd visited in April to pray for the two ladies with M.E. who are now recovering). This time, my visit involved me being the main speaker at a Church event, set up to support and encourage people with health problems. Myself and another M.E. sufferer who has also been healed miraculously through prayer (a good friend of mine called Heather Chapman) gave our testimonies to a packed Church. Many were uplifted by the things we shared regarding God's faithfulness to us within the illnesses and also His healing power that bought us out of them. A huge thanks to Heather Pearson for all her hard work in setting that event up. My apologies to all for talking for 25 minutes that day when I was only supposed to talk for 15 (when you've been healed from years of serious illness you do tend to get a little over-excited when you talk about it!!)


12 Sep 2007

I got married on 7th May (after months of planning – probably the main reason why I've been so bad at updating this blog!!). Myself and Louise chose to get married quite quietly at Linton Free Church (only immediate family and some close friends) but we did have a huge party to celebrate our marriage several weeks later, to which everyone and anyone who we know was invited. We had a two week honeymoon in North Norfolk in June and have been greatly enjoying married life together. There were an awful lot of times during my many years of ill health when I found it impossible to believe that I'd ever be well enough again to have a meaningful relationship with a woman, LET ALONE GET MARRIED! (it just shows that we should never limit God! He is in the business of rebuilding broken lives and He's very, very good at it).




More amazing answers to Prayer.
12 Sep 2007

 In April I went on a ministry visit to Cranbrook in Kent to pray for 2 different young women who had both been seriously ill with ME for many years. I always have faith for healing but I have to admit that I was still shocked at the powerful results from this particular visit. Myself and an elder from Linton Free Church who travels with me, laid hands on the two young ladies in question and prayed for their full healing in Jesus' name. Within days of that visit, both of the women had significant breakthrough's and are now making amazing recoveries.

I have recently asked both of the women to write an account of their healing experiences (from their perspective). As soon as I get their accounts and their permission, I'll put it on the blog to encourage others.

During the long frustrating years of my own illness, I often used to pray that God would heal me and then use me to bring His healing to others. He's really answered those prayers (it's so amazing to see other's recovering, sometimes after years of being ill, purely as a result of prayer – it's beyond words!).


Blog Update
12 Sep 2007

I can't believe I started a blog in February and haven't added anything to it since. Please accept my apologies and now let me fill you in on some of what's happened in the last 6 months:


I have continued to be very active within my local Church (Linton Free Church nr Cambridge), especially in worship leading, youth work and healing ministry.


The monthly healing services in Linton (held on the last Friday of each month) have continued to be a real blessing to many people and testimonies of healing are regularly coming out of them. I have just managed to secure the well known Christian author and speaker Colin Urquhart for our March 2008 healing service which is really exciting.


My written testimony “Love Never Fails” has continued to bring hope and encouragement to those suffering health problems and people are still regularly in contact with me via letter, email or phone as a result of reading it. 


16 Feb 2007

2006 saw me spending the most time away from home that I've spent in years. I visited my fiance's parents at their home in Worcester for several days during Feb '06 and as part of this visit was taken to the local tourist attraction the Malvern Hills. The photo that you can see here is of myself and my fiance Louise standing at the highest point of the Malvern's (the Worcestershire beacon). The walk to reach this point was a considerable one, as the high point is about 1400 ft high, (pretty good for someone who could hardly walk at all for 8 years as an M.E. sufferer).


Another achievement involved me having a holiday by the sea for the first time in years (a week in North Norfolk during late July '06). To smell the sea air again and be able to spend a week drifting around in shorts and flip-flops felt incredible.


During August of '06 I spent 5 days in Somerset at the huge Christian camping event Soul Survivor. OK, I'll admit it, I didn't stay in a tent, I rented a caravan but the whole experience was great. I went, as a leader, with over 20 young people from our local Church youth group (Impact) and believe me that's not an easy role but it was a brilliant experience and many of our young people were really touched by God during that time.


Shortly after Soul survivor myself and Louise travelled back to Worcester again to spend a few days with her parents and then from Worcester we travelled to Devon with them for and week's holiday which was also a great experience (it's a beautiful area of the country, the scenery is stunning around the moors).


Spending time away from home (the comfort zone) would have once been totally impossible (and for many years at that) so it's great to be able to share just a few experiences which demonstrate how God is moving me ever onwards and upwards and helping me to live again in every way.




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