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Welcome to Adrian's Blog
8 Feb 2007

Since releasing the book "Love Never Fails", I have received a considerable amount of contact from different people (the world over), via email, letter, phone etc. The questions "how is your health these days?" and "what are you up to now?" are two of the most commonly asked and it's for this reason that I have decided to start this blog.


I hope you like this feature.  Please use the Contact Me page if you want to leave any feedback.


17 Aug 2018

Apologies that so much time has lapsed since my last update, I'm really not great at this. Hmmm, let me think of a good excuse. How about the birth of my 2nd daughter Naomi Grace Rose in April 2017 throwing my life into even greater chaos, yes that'll do it. Myself and my ever growing family are still living in Stamford south Lincolnshire and I'm currently still a guitar teacher though now for only one primary school (Bourne Westfield Primary Academy) rather than four. My wife Louise is still manager of Foodbank in Stamford and has recently taken on a further role, this time solely for St Georges Church, heading up an outreach initiative to the poor and homeless in Stamford called Fresh Hope.
Getting through a regular Church service at St Georges is very challenging these days with two daughters under 4 who can't sit still and don't deal well with crèche or junior Church but we manage family services and the monthly mid week "Lighthouse" service at St Georges which is like messy Church. I hope to get more seriously involved with worship leading again one day but in recent years with a young family it's been hard to commit to anything. There are clearly times and seasons for all these things.
Bye for now!



26 Aug 2016

I've been quiet on the blog for some time, I do apologise.

Myself, my wife Louise and our baby daughter Anna (yes I'm a dad now and that's why I have precious little time to blog anymore) moved from Dorset to Stamford in Lincolnshire in late 2015. I am currently a guitar teacher in primary schools in the Stamford area and Louise is managing Foodbank in the town. We are worshipping at St Georges Church. I've done a little worship leading for St Georges in recent months and also for Trevor Dearing's Bible studies that happen at Stamford Free Church on Thursday mornings. Louise and I have greatly enjoyed being parents to our extremely energetic daughter Anna and can't remember what we used to do before she was in our lives. Anna will be 2 in November this year.


New Raining God worship songs soon to be released
3 Jul 2013

Coming soon - 5 brand new worship songs will be made available through the Raining God website.


Phil Thomson and I are continuing to write and produce new worship music together, most of which has a "modern hymn" feel to it.

Lyric and chord sheets for all of the songs are available to download for free from the Raining God website (


We'd love to hear from anyone who has tried out any of the songs in their worship setting.



Raining God on You Tube
3 Jul 2013

There are now several You Tube videos available to watch involving me playing and singing a selection of the Raining God worship songs unplugged ( Just visit You Tube and search for raininggod




18 Apr 2013

Alongside my previous work for Linton Free Church nr Cambridge where I was an elder for several years, I also had a ministry of supporting and praying for those struggling with health problems. This would obviously often involve M.E. sufferers who got in touch as a result of seeing my website or reading my testimony in the book Love Never Fails but I have given prayer support to those suffering with other conditions as well.


Having recently settled in Shaftesbury, Dorset (April 2013), I am currently in a position to give the majority of my time to the healing ministry. I have seen some wonderful answers to prayer and lives changed as a result of my work in this area since my own healing from severe M.E. back in 2003. Please do get in touch through the contact page on this site if you are suffering with ill health and would like Christian prayer support.


Depending on location I am sometimes able to visit to pray with the sick if that is appropriate.



New life in Dorset
18 Apr 2013

My wife Louise and I have recently settled in Shaftesbury, Dorset after a year of much moving around from place to place during 2012 as we tried to discern God's next step for our lives. Louise is working for an organisation called Kainos in HMP Guys Marsh just outside Shaftesbury. She is involved in a programme to help reduce the risk of prisoners reoffending on release and is settling in well.

I am continuing to write new worship music alongside lyricist Phil Thomson (there will soon be even further new songs released through our website).



1 Apr 2012

During the first few months of 2012 I have been busy writing worship songs with the well respected Christian lyricist Phil Thomson who happens to be a close friend of my wife's mother and father. At the time of writing this Phil and I are on the verge of unveiling a website called Raining God where you will be able to read more about this partnership, our aims and listen to and have the option to download some of the new songs. We're very excited by these songs and hope others will be too. Watch this space!



13 Feb 2012

I was passionate for all of the work in Linton that Louise and I have recently felt called out of but the Churches together healing services in particular were obviously a great love of mine.


In the five and a half years that they ran in Linton God constantly amazed and also surprised me in my role as organizer. Liesl Alexander agreed to take the first four services and straight away I knew God was at work among us.


The services attracted speakers such as Colin Urquhart, Jennifer Rees Larcombe, David Hathaway, Bishop David Pytches, Randolph Vickers, Mike Endicott, Ian McCormack, Jeannie Morgan, Julie Sheldon and Roger & Faith Forster along with a whole host of lesser known but still brilliant local and non local ministers/speakers. We had some wonderful times of worship, celebration, teaching, testimony and prayers for healing together and hundreds were blessed in different ways during those years.


During my own years of disability I used to cry out to God to heal me and use me in some way to bring His healing to others - what a great answer to prayer!



Liesl Alexander
31 Jan 2012

Anyone who has read Love Never Fails or even the shortened version of my testimony on this website will know only too well the powerful part the ministry of Liesl Alexander played in my recovery from severe M.E. It's with sadness then that I report that Liesl died on Wednesday 25th January having spent the last few years battling cancer (and boy did she battle it!)

I don't have any amazing or clever answers to the obvious questions that will be on many minds over this, mainly how is it that someone used by God so mightily in the ministries of healing and deliverance should herself end up suffering so severely? None of us will ever have all of the answers we seek, not in this life anyway. God clearly has an eternal perspective on such things and I believe all His promises stand whether we see the fulfillment of them in this life or not until the next - the truth remains, He who has promised is faithful! Do we trust Him or not?


Liesl was a real one off and I think anyone who knew her would agree with that, very no nonsense, full of faith with an unshakeable confidence that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever and that we who believe should continue to do the works He did in the power of the Holy Spirit. Liesl dedicated her life, after her own miraculous healing and conversion, to continuing these very works and had a ministry of power that challenged and transformed the lives of countless individuals over the years.

The monthly healing services at Oakington were the inspiration for the Churches Together healing services in Linton, several of which Liesl gave her amazing testimony at.

I will miss her as I'm sure many others will but we must all continue to run the race as she did. For Liesl the battle is over and she is now free to live eternally with the one she loved so much and dedicated so much of her life to serving, the Lord Jesus Christ and I'm certain she will have already heard those wonderful words "Well done my good and faithful servant."





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