Adrian Rose


The Healing Power of Jesus Christ in My Life

by Adrian Rose


My experiences of Christian healing so far have not been the sudden sickness to full health miracles that some have seen although I have certainly had several different encounters along the way that could only be described as miraculous. Generally speaking, healing has happened to me in stages and I've had to learn much about patience and faith in between those stages.

My initial encounter with God's healing power came about when the late Liesl Alexander, a vicar's wife from a local Church who moved powerfully in healing and deliverance ministry, visited me to pray with the laying on of hands in Jesus' name. I was set free in a split second from being bedbound with severe M.E. (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) but I only seemed to receive partial healing. The healing on this occasion came with a challenge from Liesl that I needed to “step out in faith,” but at this point in my walk with God I didn't understand what she meant…

Painfully, it took another 6 long years of being chairbound and housebound with M.E. before I actually acted on Liesl's words and, in utter desperation, stepped out in faith by attending one of her Church healing services. In the days after this service I kept experiencing a feeling of warmth in my body and certain symptoms began to improve. For the first time in years I was able to read again and it was this gift that would spark my most powerful experience of healing.

Able again to read the Bible for myself and also books teaching on faith and healing, my own faith was set on fire. As I continued to pray and read the Bible I began to feel strongly that God was calling me to get up from my sick chair, to walk and keep walking and that as I went, further healing would come. Two books in particular that had a profound effect on me at this point in my life were "Healing the Sick" by TL Osborn and "Healing" by Smith Wigglesworth. There were aspects of the teaching in both books that I wrestled with and still do but overall they were life changing.

Nov 4th 2003 is a day I'll never forget as I took the step of faith I was sure God was calling me to. I got up from my chair, left the house without the aid of my walking stick and just walked. Initially it was extremely challenging as I'd not been able to stay on my feet for more than a minute or so for nearly 8 years but as I kept going something changed, something happened to me and I walked and walked and walked. By the power of the living God I literally walked away from severe disability.

AdrianIt hasn't been easy moving on, it's been a battle and the problems didn't all disappear overnight. The walk He called me to has taken faith, determination and persistence but He is faithful and I've never returned to being disabled. To God be the glory!

Obviously this is a very brief account of my experiences. The full story is told in my book 'Love Never Fails'.